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Colour Energy Eye Wear

Easy to change lenses allows you to use any „colour energyš at anytime. Wear yellow to give you mental stimulation for studying or when you need focus and concentration for activities such as playing golf. The benefits are unlimited. Explore the different colours and exercise your intuition for all your energy needs!


Colour Energy Eye Wear

PRiSMA Colour Energy Glasses use the life enforcing principles of the sun’s light for regeneration and strengthening of the body, mind and spirit.


We receive 90% of our information through our eyes. Therefore, when we wear a certain colours of lenses in eyewear, we are able to see and feel the world through that colour.

Basically, we feed our body the attributes and qualities of that colours‚ vibration. Simply by wearing the „Colour Energyš Glasses, the distribution of energy and harmony in the body is influenced (directly by that colour) since the colour acts through the eye directly upon the our body‚s physical, mental and emotional system helping us to improve our overall state of being.


• PRiSMA coloured lenses are made with focus on the most effective point of the spectrum for each colour, thus ensuring that they enter through the eye in their purest form!

• PRiSMA Colour Energy Glasses are manufactured with the highest quality materials making them extremely durable. The lenses are hard coated and scratch resistant.

• All PRiSMA eyewear offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, and are ideally suited for use as sunglasses or for sport and can be worn at anytime to promote your well-being–unlike most regular sunglasses that can distort the incoming signals of the various colour vibrations and may cause depression and degeneration of the muscular and nervous systems.

• Colour therapy glasses enhance any therapeutic treatments.

• A curved concave lens supports the colour light effect to the eye. Also the pronounced lateral and front curvature of the lenses provide for a well extended field of vision and very good wind protection.

• Frames are flexible and break-resistant. Flexible earpieces optimally fit the eyeglasses to every head shape. And the adjustable nose supports provide for optimal fit and wearing comfort.

Red The Power Glasses.
Due to their very special colour frequency these glasses can have the most stimulating effect and should only be worn for short periods of time. These glasses may increase our life strength and vitality.
Orange The Invigorating Glasses. Orange is known as the giver of strength after physical and emotional exhaustion. Through its warmth this is the best colour to help uplift one‚s spirits, and has been used to alleviate depression, pessimism and fatigue.  
Yellow The Clarity Glasses.
Helps to bring focus for improved comprehension and clearer perception (ideal for sports, driving and studying). The joy of life is seen through this sunny yellow colour enhancing our confidence and motivations.
Green The Harmonizing Glasses. Mental and physical harmony is stimulated from within and in this way helps to unfold our inner qualities. Green creates a natural peace and aides in the relaxing of our muscles.    
Turquoise The Regenerating Glasses. This colour is known to have a sedating and calming effect on our whole system. Capable of reducing resistance to the environment and other anxieties.    
Blue The Anti-Stress Glasses. The blue glasses lead to inner peace and composure. Mental stress and agitation are soothed as well blue is known to help reduce blood pressure and help balance the hormones. Also known to regulate hyperactive symptoms.  
    Violet The Inspirational Glasses. Violet is the expression of the highest oscillation in the visible range and is known as the colour for meditation and spiritual deepening. Helps us to concentrate on our inner world and enhance creativity.


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We receive 90% of our
information through our eyes.....

ideally suited for
use as sunglasses
or for sport...

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