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By popular demand COLOUR ENERGY has expanded its line of aromatherapy products help to enhance the effect of colour energy through another means. Each essential oil has been selected to correspond to the different energy levels and every bottle is colour-coded for easy use.

COLOUR ENERGY‚S colour–coded essential oils are of the highest quality–clean, unadulterated and free of any synthetic agents—and contain only pure plant essences making them ideal for people with sensitivities. Every COLOUR ENERGY oil must pass rigid quality control testing to ensure our high product standards; therefore, only a few drops will accomplish what is necessary for healing. Quality you can trust!

  • High quality 100% pure essential oils.
  • Each oil exactly chosen for its therapeutic value.
  • Colour–coded to correlate with the seven main chakras and different energy levels.
  • Match a COLOUR BATH® to the “colour” of an essential oil.

Sold as a chakra gift set of seven specially chosen oils or in individual larger bottles.

Red Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Vitality, Self–Confidence, Courage

Orange Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Happiness, Energizing, Enthusiastic

Yellow Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Refreshing, Exhilarating, Motivating

Green Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Emotional Stabilizer, Self–Loving

Blue Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—“Peace of Mind,” Calming, Fellowship

Indigo Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Intuition Builder, Soul Revitalizer

Violet Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Self–Awareness, Openness, Bravery

Pink Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Spiritually Uplifting, Cosmic Connector

Turquoise Chakra Blend
Chakra Blend—Physically Balancing, Cleanses Auric Field
Chakra Essential Oil Gift Set
COLOUR ENERGY also offers their own synergy mixture of Chakra oils, ensuring blends that are unique and exclusive only to COLOUR ENERGY customers! These synergy blends are a wonderful concept because they allow the user to experience more of a “totality” then using only one oil. A synergy‚s purpose is to take like–minded oils and put them together to increase or intensify a desired effect. Choose what you feel you need, want or are drawn to! Each COLOUR ENERGY Chakra blend puts the power where it belongs!
Synergy Oils
To achieve a new level of well-being, create an atmosphere that will help activate and align your body‚s energy centres. Take a COLOUR BATH with a few drops of the correlating COLOUR ENERGY 100% pure essential oil. Essential Oils are the life force in every living plant, providing benefits that enhance and enrich the body, mind and soul. Imagine the full awakening of your senses when you combine music with the energy from COLOUR BATH and aromatherapy!
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colour coded chakra essence Energize yourself using high power tools. Chakra Light Essences release energy blockages that are connected to our various levels of being.
Watch for COLOUR ENERGY‚s increasing line of aromatherapy products, which include Massage and Sensual Oils, Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Lotions, colourful Shower Gels, Liquid Hand & Bar Soaps and other colour-coded bath & body care products.
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