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Colour Energy Book

Colour Energy Book
Are you energized by the warmth of red, soothed by the cool tones of blue and green, intellectually stimulated by yellow? Perhaps you have never thought about it before, but after reading COLOUR ENERGY it is guaranteed that you will never look at or think of colors in quite the same way again.
Susan Stevenson, DHC, Book Reviewer
Laminated Pocketsize Colour Card

Laminated Pocketsize Colour Card

This easy to use reference chart lists the personality traits, qualities, glands, elements, senses, musical notes, sounds, gemstones and essential oils that are connected to the various colours and chakras.

Read international colour expert Inger Naessās fascinating book, COLOUR ENERGY, and learn how colour can change your life. Discover which of the seven colour personalities you are and uncover the secrets to greater happiness, peace of mind and better personal relationships. Explore ways to incorporate colours into your life through clothes, food, decor, colour bathing, sound and aromatherapy.

  • Full Colour, Showcase Quality
  • Durable Hardcover, 6 7/8" x 9 3/4"
  • 192 Pages of Concise Colour Education Material
  • Used by Therapists Worldwide
  • International Best Seller!
  • ISBN 0-9680804-0-5

    Colour Energy Reflection Cards
Reflection Cards
COLOUR ENERGY BOOKLET This simple to read booklet An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY For Body and Soul outlines the basics of COLOUR ENERGY: how each colour affects you physically and mentally, the positive and negative sides of each colour, as well as other COLOUR ENERGY tips.
These vibrant Colour Energy Reflection Cards were created to help develop each of your energy centres by focusing on various personality traits connected to each colour and chakra. Every card contains an inspiring affirmation.
(Coming Soon)



  1. Red Root Chakra

  2. Orange Spleen Chakra

  3. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

  4. Green Heart Chakra

  5. Blue Throat Chakra

  6. Indigo Brow Chakra

  7. Violet Crown Chakra

This brilliant series of chakra balancing music was produced by well known astrologer Morton Alexander Joramo. Each song was designed to resonate with each chakra allowing the release of any blockages, freeing the flow of energy throughout the body.
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colour coded chakra essence Energize yourself using high power tools. Chakra Light Essences release energy blockages that are connected to our various levels of being.
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