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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Nowadays, with over 70% of the population working indoors, our positive state of existence is being harmed because most indoor lights are artificially created and lack the spectral energy of our natural light–the sun. This “lack of proper sun nutrition” can cause malfunctions in the body’s internal bio-rhythms including our natural hormone production.

Like sunlight, only “natural full spectrum” light bulbs simulate the same visible colour spectrum of the sun. Research is now proving that the average person needs—ideally—2 hours of sunlight daily to maintain a healthy body; and you cannot store a reserve of the sun's energy. By using LifeBulbs® you will receive 5,500° Kelvin colour temperature, which means these light bulbs imitate natural daylight and are 100% full spectrum (between 380–725nm). If we provide ourselves with the whole spectrum of light, our systems can absorb the colour wavelengths it needs.
Improve Your Health and Well–Being Using Natural Light

• Economical and environmentally friendly

• Great for S.A.D. and depression

• Improves reading & working comfort through higher contrast and true colours

• No radio or TV interference

• Flicker free causing no stress on the body

• Lasts 10 times longer, approximately 10,000 hours (which equals 10 ordinary bulbs)

• Consumes 4 times less energy than regular bulbs

LifeBulbs are available in the following watts:
• 15W = 60 Watts
• 20W = 75 Watt
• 26W = 120 Watt

Most importantly, LifeBulbs are flicker free (operating at 20,000 Hz) and natural sunlight does not flicker either! Regular light bulbs flicker 120 times per second (60 Hz), which causes stress to the body, mind and especially the eyes. Imagine what this does to youĞmentally, emotionally and physically—over the years!

Our full spectrum bulbs are used and recommended by health practitioners for S.A.D. sufferers and for other health problems caused by lack of sunlight. LifeBulbs are affordable and can be used in any regular lamp socket (E–26) to receive the benefits of the full spectrum light at home or work. They are also beneficial for pets and indoor plants. LifeBulbs are known to improve visual comfort for reading, computer, television and working conditions! Studies with children using full spectrum light have shown better concentration and learning with reduced hyperactivity.

Why Use LifeBulbs?

Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. We receive light energy through our eyes and skin. This light stimulates our endocrine system, which is connected to our different energy centres.

Through the sun and its light we receive all the colour energies that we need to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul. When something goes wrong or is out of balance, we can strengthen our energy centres through the applied use of colours, which includes full spectrum light sources.

Natural light regulates hormone production by activating the hypothalamus, which governs many of the body's functions such as appetite, mood, temperature and libido. The nature of the light we receive is fundamental to our biological rhythms and health.


Create an energizing and harmonious living or work space and increase your well–being by integrating full spectrum light bulbs into your normal lifestyle! Our LifeBulbs fit into regular bulb sockets.

Researchers report that full spectrum indoor lighting may favourably affect problems caused by lack of sunlight such as S.A.D., fatigue, depression, eye strain, headaches, hyperactivity, jet lag, sleeping, shift work, winter weight gain, eating and addiction disorders, etc. Natural light is known to help improve concentration, motivation, creativity and self-confidence.

Kelvin Scale

By using LifeBulbs you will receive 5,500° Kelvin colour temperature..... simulating daylight!
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