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COLOUR ENERGY‚S ALCHEMY ESSENCES are created using an Alchemy process that includes coded information from essentialoils, flowers, herbs, crystals, geometric patterns, cosmic vibrations, planetary frequencies and colour.

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CHAKRA LIGHT ESSENCES alter the memory and substructures of our inner cosmic language, affecting our physiological and cosmological levels of thought and attunement to facilitate human life to enjoy the exciting new dimensions of being!

Grounds and focuses daily activity and helps to release past issues and blockages by building up your root.

Aids in connecting you to your creative forces, unifies your body, mind and spirit and brings them into synergy.

Helps to release mental stress, energizes the digestive system and brings any imbalances back into harmony.

Brings inner peace through acceptance and self-love, gives a better overall balance and integration of energies.

Enhances your communication and planning abilities and aids in stimulating your inner confidence.

Helps to unite your outer and inner being and opens your inner consciousness and intuitive knowledge.

Creates a stronger link with cosmic energy and a closer identity with oneness and connects you to Divine Light.

Aids in opening up for channelling and promotes a deeper self-confidence through self-identity.

Assists in achieving greater attunement with Divine Universal Love and helps you to understand your true self.

Supports you to overcome any negative and depressive thoughts through balancing your emotions.

Makes it easier for you to use your own masculine energy and to understand the law of duality.

Enables you to get in contact with you feminine energy and serves all your creative actions, giving you a feeling of freedom.

CHAKRA LIGHT ESSENCES have been designed to open your energy centres to that they are functioning actively, radiantly and strongly.

The unity of one‚s entirety is resultant of connecting the body and mind to other levels of consciousness—one‚s chakras. Bringing the chakras into harmony requires some centres to be energized and this can be simply achieved by using the incredible CHAKRA LIGHT ESSENCES!

The GUARDIAN ANGEL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ESSENCES help to bring the chakras further into harmony by encouraging positive responses through the release of impure programs.

is a powerful vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the auric protective grid through its influence on all of your subtle bodies. This deeper multidimensional patterning encourages positive energetic response to any intrusive energies. Thus helping to release your consciousness from any negative programmed responses that could be restricting your progress.

helps to build up one’s self-confidence and nurtures a good relationship with oneself (encourages self-worth and self-love) as well as with others. This beautiful Pink Essence is useful to release feelings of aggression and anger. It connects us to be at one with all creation.
The Sharing of Love is the Most Fundamental Alchemy of Life. The Combining of Love and Wisdom is the „ESSENCEš of Compassion.  
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Aura Cleanser
is a highly effective patterned recipe formulated to erase negativity in and around us on many distinct energy levels. This ESSENCE was especially created to help to neutralize and cleanse areas where it is sprayed.
Aura Cleanser
This powerful Aura Cleanser Essence encourages energetic responses from multi-levels of consciousness, clearing any negative threat, psychic or otherwise. It also helps to heal damaged human electromagnetic energy fields (auras that have holes) resultant from destructive lower frequencies (cell phones, computers, etc.) and assists in healing, preventing or alleviating serious imbalances.
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