Thank you for your wholesale inquiry.

Send us your company information and we will email you our wholesale order form in a pdf file as well as a brief description of the Colour Energy product line. If you prefer to receive our wholesale package by mail or fax please let us know. We appreciate if you include your company name, complete address, telephone and business tax number (if applicable in your state/province).

We encourage any business regardless of size to promote wellness through colour therapy products. If you are a health or wellness centre, gift or metaphysical store, practitioner, spa or home based business· Colour Energy tools will complement your business and increase product sales and services.

Colour Energy offers free business tips as well as monthly colour newsletters. Our support services include access to a complete colour therapy training manual. Ask for your free copy of CE's newsletter by email.

Colour Energy Corporation is the world leader in offering a complete line of colour therapy wellness products. Our vibrant packaging has made Colour Energy products a top selling item in health, book, gift and new age stores. A must have for practitioners, therapists and spas to incorporate into their practice/services as an inexpensive therapeutic tool.

Watch for Colour Energy's increasing line of products that include Reflection Cards, sensual oils, colour-coded shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, liquid and bar soaps, and shower gels, as well as more Colour Energy educational material and courses.

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