Colour Vibration & the Zodiacal Signs

   Leo • YELLOW 
   July 21st - August 20th

Leo the Lion is all about the Yellow ray. Leo's love to learn and are curious by nature. They want to know how everything works and why. Leo's are governed by their mind power and can tend to hide their emotions. On the negative side they will become the Yellow bellied coward and try to repress or deny their true feelings and inner thoughts.

Overall the Leo person is a strong and independent person who loves to teach others about life and interesting things.

The purpose of the Yellow energy is to be more compassionate and understanding especially towards themselves.

Take the time to purify your body, mind and spirit with a daily ritual of a stimulating Yellow morning Colour Bath or foot bath. Yellow is the best mental stimulant and is known to improve one's mind power and memory abilities. Try adding a fresh lemon slice to your drinking water. Yellow foods are eggs, grapefruit, bananas, pineapple, corn or yellow melons, peppers or squash. Colour Energy's essential oils of rosemary, bergamot or grapefruit are known to stimulate the digestive system and help in releasing body waste-try CE's new Yellow Chakra Blend. Music that awakens the mind would be sounds of chimes or Tibetan bowls. Test our Yellow colour therapy eyeglasses for driving long distances or to improve your focus and concentration (Inger wears the yellow glasses to help improve her golf game!)


    August 21st - September 20th

Virgo's strength is their adaptability to new things as well as their ability to discover the new. Fresh new thoughts make the Virgo a valuable team player. Virgo's are great supporters because they have the clarity of the mind combined with their compassionate and giving nature. When unbalanced their struggle will be to trust their heart and what they really feel with what they rationalize as being the  so-called "right" or best thing to do.

The purpose of the Yellow/Green energy is to learn not to be afraid of expressing their feelings and their beliefs.

The Yellow/Green energy helps to release toxins within the body as well as in the thoughts. When one is lacking the ability to change or if a person has too many negative thoughts, the Yellow/Green vibration helps to shift stuck energy and supports the mind to think more positively.
Mix one cap Yellow and half a capful of Green Colour Bath to produce a powerful cleansing and detoxifying bath. Mix the oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus to create a mentally and physically stimulating blend. A combination of Yellow and Green foods will improve your digestive system functions.

Solar Plexus Centre

As we move further into working with our chakra system, we now enter into the Yellow Chakra-our Solar Plexus centre.

The Solar Plexus is our most active chakra centre in North America and possibly the world. In CE's research studies we have learned that approximately 40% of Americans and Canadians have Yellow Energy as their most predominant chakra "intelligence" centre. This is no mystery considering our school system caters primarily to developing this energy centre. At an early age we are placed in schools that focus on left brain studies. Sure we have physical education to build up our Red energy and art and drama classes to support our Orange and Violet centres. Regardless, most of the emphasis for our grades is placed on how we use our Yellow and Blue analytical and masculine energies.

This is okay, but to be well rounded and balanced we need to support the development of our complete chakra system. How many schools teach about building up the feminine energies of our Indigo intuition, our Orange sensing abilities or our Green emotional centre?

So if we recognize that our present day education system focuses mainly on building our intellectual energy centres than we can understand why our Yellow centre is overactive in most people. In fact, Colour Energy's research even shows that, when Yellow is not a person's top colour intelligence centre, then it is generally the 2nd or 3rd highest. Our stats show that less than 1% of the people tested have Yellow as their lowest chakra centre.

This means if our Yellow Ego centre is the most developed centre in our chakra system than we need to really understand this centre to fully understand more about ourselves and our energy strengths and weaknesses.

Yellow is the centre that controls our left-brain, which is connected to our "earthly" thoughts and ideas. Since the Yellow centre belongs to the lower part of our chakra system, its main function has to do with our human reasoning abilities. The Solar Plexus centre governs our upper digestive system and it is in this region that our thoughts and ideas are processed. How free flowing our elimination system is indicates how fast we process our thoughts into reality. When we are constipated it is telling us that we are not processing our ideas properly (likewise the opposite is also true). The inability to shut off one's mind indicates a Yellow imbalance. For example, when you are lying in bed at night and unable to fall asleep because you can't quiet your mind this generally means that your Yellow energy is overactive and needs to be treated with its complementary colour-the Violet energy. Violet is a meditative energy that helps to counteract the Yellow's active energy.

Many people are scared of their Yellow chakra centre because they are familiar with this energy centre's negative attributes, which connect to selfishness and egotism. But we have to remember that when we are using this centre on the positive side it is the energy centre that gives our ego the self-confidence to accomplish things. When the Yellow energy is used correctly than we will use it for many selfless acts.

Another common Yellow chakra issue is allowing our Yellow centre to talk us out of doing things by saying, "I know I can do it but I'll do it another time." When our Red energy is strong it can support us taking control and then saying to our Yellow: "Yes, you can do it later but why wait! Let's do it now!" The Yellow centre is the energy that can procrastinate due to its strong mind power and controlling judgments.

Yellow is also the energy that the blesses our mind with its sunny disposition and keeps our thoughts positive. It is the energy that is curious and wants to learn about everything. Without this energy life would be boring and feel unchallenged... because the Yellow energy gives us the ability to be open and spontaneous, it can make us laugh or cry-it is the energy that allows us to be ourselves in all situations or moods!

Read: An Introduction to Colour Energy for more information on each colour.

The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra-- Our Mental Intelligence

This chakra governs our life learning lessons that connect us to our Personal Power, our Ego centre. It is our right to think energy.

  • Balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego power.
  • Ability to have positive self-control and humor.
  • Allowing more into one's life by removing the rigid control or protection (defensive) walls and allowing the release of emotions instead of controlling one's emotions.

Yellow Imbalances:

  • Digestive problems, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, constipation.
  • Food allergies, hyperthyroid, gallstones.
  • Mental and nervous exhaustion.
  • Nervousness and heart palpitations.
  • Difficulties in breathing. 
  • Skin diseases. Parasites and high toxic levels. Poor memory.


Liver – The liver organ reflects fear of the new, and is our system of digestion–digesting ideas and processing life. Control issues.

Stomach – Lack of self-issues (self-confidence, self-respect, etc.).

Pancreas – Processes the "sweets" of our life-love taken and given.

Duodenum – The diaphragm is the middle area to the upper and lower chakras and helps to direct one's feelings.

Small Intestine – Connects to analysis and to the refurbishing of our thoughts and ideas. 

Large Intestine – Problems arise here when there is a fear of letting go.

Transverse Colon – Suppressed experiences that have not yet been processed.

For a more detailed aura, chakra and organ energy analysis have your Aurastar or Biopulsar analysis done! Ask your Colour Energy store for more details.

Yellow Affirmation:
I am powerful yet flexible in my thoughts. I always think positively and I am happy with who I am, because I am me.

Why build up your
Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Centre?

Solarize your sun centre! Cleanse your body and mind with the Yellow ray. Yellow activates the release of negative thoughts so that you can have an optimistic and sunny outlook on any situation. Increases memory power.

Use Yellow Energy to...

  • Enhance mind power and memory abilities. Yellow is said to help in cases of Alzheimer's and memory loss or mental fatigue. Ideal to support one's clarity of mind when studying.
  • Balance the intellect with one's self-confidence and ego power.
  • Help in control issues. Yellow is your sun centre and therefore encourages positive thoughts and a sunny disposition.
  • Stimulate the upper digestive system. If one has a sluggish liver or their body is polluted, Yellow can aid in the release of toxins through one's skin or by helping to regulate bowel movements.
Do not use Yellow if you have a nervous condition or heart palpitations.  

To help balance your Solar Plexus Chakra use Yellow Energy in: 

Colour Therapy: Yellow Colour Baths. Yellow clothing. Yellow Glasses. The Yellow CE Glasses will help improve focus and concentration. Ideal for driving and sports!

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Colour Energy's Yellow Chakra Synergy Oil. The CE Chakra Blend is great for stimulating one's digestive system. Also a wonderful mental energizer!

Herbs/Vitamins: Ginger, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Ghinko Bilko, Lemon Balm, Fennel, Goldenseal, Vitamin A.

Foods: Grains, egg yolks, olive oil, butter, Yellow peppers & squash, parsnips, corn, bananas, lemons, grapefruit, pineapples, honeydew melons, coffee, cocoa.

Gemstones: Citrine, Amber, Topaz.

Exercises: Taking classes, reading informative books, doing mind puzzles. Developing one's photographic memories. Sunshine. Jumping for joy. TaiChi. Pilates. Detoxication programs.

Music: E Note. Chimes, Brass Bowls, Reed and Horn Instruments.

Read An Introduction to Colour Energy for more Yellow information.

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