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Did you ever wonder why you love certain colours and dislike others? The answer might surprise you! In the book Colour Energy, Inger Naess explains the amazing world of colour and how colour affects every aspect of our lives including the way we think, the occupations we choose, the way we raise our children, and the way we behave in relationships.

This book is about colours and everything that colours can give us, including energy. Think about a rainbow. you can not touch or feel a rainbow. You do not know where it begins or where it ends. However, everybody knows that rainbows exist.

You can use colour and the energy of each colour to deepen your understanding of who you are and you can use it to tap into the energy that you need for any and every situation.

Sex, health issues, professions, money, and success are all determined by the colour you are and the colours you use.


RED PEOPLE: are not abstract thinkers. To them a table is a table. Their strongest quality is their ability to meet life with inherent security and courage.

ORANGE SEX: Orange partners are sex-oriented. Sex is fun for them and they are extremely attentive, loyal, and sensitive to their partners.

OCCUPATIONS FOR THE YELLOW PERSON: Architects, bookkeepers, market analysts, computer analysts, mathematicians, researchers, data processor, professors, librarians, court reporters, office clerks, engineers, teachers, psychologists, city planners, and technical writers.

GREEN PARENTS: Green parents are protective and loving. They are so emotionally tied to their children that they will do anything to spare their children from unpleasant experiences.

MONEY AND SUCCESS FOR THE BLUE: Blue people judge their success by what they have obtained in life, by how much people respect them, or by how much money they have.

INDIGO HEALTH: Indigo people intuitively understand that the physical body is more than a biochemical machine. Consequently, they know how to cure their own illness by adjusting their thought patterns.

VIOLET CHILDREN: Violet children are born leaders and other children feel drawn to them. They are full of energy, and it‰s important for parents to teach the active children concentration and limits without dampening their interest.

Discover where you are on the colour spectrum of Colour Energy! Take the Colour Energy Test today! (This test is used by colour therapists and complementary practitioners all over the world.)


Inger Naess, founder of Colour Energy, first became aware of the role colour plays in our lives, when she was a kindergarten teacher. Inger realized that the different personalities of the children in her classes corresponded to the different energies of the seven main colours. For several years, Inger studied, in depth, the history of colour and the effects of colour on people.

‹Colours are different expressions for light, just as words are expressions of our thoughts and feelings,Š says Inger. ‹Light is life and colours are the language of lightŠ is a philosophy Inger lives by!

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