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North American Office

Colour Energy Corporation (CEC) is a company that has been providing consumers with education and products in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia for over 15 years. The founder of the Colour Energy concept, and the power behind the development of the line of Colour Bath® products for personal wellness, is 68 year-old former kindergarten teacher named Inger Naess. The Colour Energy concept is based on a complete analysis of the influences of the seven primary colours and their relation to aspects of personality

Colour Energy Mandate
The concept of Colour Energy is to educate and provide people with products they can use to tap into the power of colour and improve their general well-being-body, mind & soul.

Colour Energy Corporation is known for manufacturing high quality colour therapy tools. CEC is the world leader in offering a complete line of colour therapy wellness products. Excellent for personal use as well as for practitioners, therapists and spas to enhance their practice/service..
Inger Naess

"Colours are different expressions for light, just as words are expressions of our thoughts and feelings," says Inger. "Light is life and colours are the language of light" is a philosophy Inger lives by!


North America


Colour Energy- A/S Partrade
Gamle Ringkollvn. 1
3514 Hoenefoss, Norway
Tel:  47-32-12-84-80
Fax: 47-32-12-84-81
Email:  farger@colourenergy.no
Web: http://www.colourenergy.no


Colour Energy Corporation
1682 West 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G2
Tel: 604.687.3757
Fax: 604.687.3758

Colour Energy Australia Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 302, Cremorne, NSW 2090
Tel: 02 9909 0919
Fax: 02 9909 0921
Email: Colourenergyoz@aol.com
  USA Mailing Address
2531 Broadway, Suite D1
Everett, WA  98201

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